Memories of Mbagathi

On the wall in the study room at Mbagathi Study Centre, a centre of formation for young men which adjoins Strathmore University, there once hung a large world map, framed in carved wood and covered with a clear glass pane. It was the sort of nifty decoration that a young man, sitting at the table […]

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Giving Back – Community Service at Strathmore University

In 2022, the students and staff of Strathmore University contributed over 800,000 hours of volunteer labour to various causes around Kenya. This is a mindboggling number, the kind that is impressive whichever way one looks at it. But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of it is that it’s known in the first place. Strathmore University […]

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A Tale of Two Craftsmen – Learning at Eastlands College of Technology

John Kariuki (right) assessing Fredrick Kimanthi at a job site. PHOTO: Ralph Wechuli for Eastlands College of Technology When Eastlands College of Technology (ECT) first opened its doors in 2015, few would have foretold the unique paths by which students would end up passing through those doors, nor the diverse backgrounds from which they would […]

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In Memoriam: Msgr Cormac Burke and Mr Silvano Borruso

The late Msgr Burke (left) and Mr Borruso (right). PHOTO: Strathmore School The story of Strathmore, like all rich stories, is many stories rolled up in one. Many of these stories trace the lives of the men who left their distant home countries, under the inspiration of St Josemaría Escrivá, to start and sustain the […]

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Strathmore is Sixty Years Old

Students at Strathmore University. PHOTO: Strathmore University Strathmore College first opened its doors in March 1961. Exactly 60 years have now passed since the first group of A-level students walked through them. Then a colony, Kenya has been independent for much of that time. Its population, economy, and democracy have expanded tremendously, though not with […]

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