Dancing Away the Year

To most people, Strathmore University is a place of staid composure, of stiff lips and an almost British gentility. There is something right about this. After all, the university has taken a long time to cultivate a reputation for seriousness, and is keen on maintaining so that every person who goes through it can only […]

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Playing Football in Eastlands College of Technology

Many take it for granted that when children everywhere want to play, they at the very least usually have the space to do so. Balls and shoes and other accessories to play might be harder to come by because they have to be bought, but once they are available, there must be somewhere for the […]

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Celebrating Ten Years of Strathmore University’s Charter

It is not often that the Vice-Chancellor of Strathmore University gets a chance to hold court with all of his staff members. As a result, despite the fact that he operates an open-door policy, there’s a tendency for some distance to be kept by staff. It is not a steely distance, like that between an […]

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Dreaming in the Slums – A Story of Courage and Resilience

One of the first things Wilfred Mwangi did when he came back to Kenya was to visit his alma mater, Strathmore University. Walking past the green lawns and along the shiny terrazzo floors that had for him been a most welcome and terrifying refuge, the father of two looked back on his past and marvelled […]

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Celebrating the Founders: Strathmore University Looks Back

The old man was quite short, but he stood straight as a pole. Were it not for the wrinkles on his forehead and bags of age under his eyes, one would have thought him much younger. When he spoke, his youth seemed to creep back in, giving a kick to his accented words. Clearly, this […]

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